Dr-Rx   Makes Doctor's life easy     

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Patient management

  • Patient’s personal data with Photos.
  • Search by Name or Cell Phone Number
  • Patients Vital records – Height, weight, waist, BP, Temperature..
  • Calculates BMI, BMR, Ideal Weight, etc…..
  • Stores the History of all measurements - plots trend Graphs
  • Patient's Allergy details   
  • Patient’s Illness details

Drugs Management

  • Search hard to remember drug Name by partial entry
  • Keep Up-to-date by adding latest new drugs with details
  • Up to 10000 drugs available in medical stores are in database(Indian)
  • Up to 23000 US drugs data base
  • Get Full Technical details of the drugs – cure for, dosage etc.
  • Patient’s current and previous Prescriptions are stored
  • Facility to add new drugs with full details

Lab procedures

  • Printed Lab reports can be scanned and stored
  • Commonly Prescribed Lab Procedures are included
  • Facility to add new latest procedures/tests

Xray Procedures

  • Commonly Prescribed Xray Test  are available
  • Facility to add new latest procedures/tests

Scanned Lab Reports

                Printed Lab Reports can be scanned and stored for the patient for Future reference. The Scanned images are water marked with Name, Date of visit..etc  and  stored for every patient.

  Diagnostic Image Management               

                 Special Diagnostic Image enhancing cameras are available for diagnostic purposes. The captured images are water marked with Name, Date of visit..etc  and  stored for every patient.  Dr-Rx directly interfaces with the following type of cameras

  1. Hand-held camera – General use
  2. Dermatology camera
  3. Inter-Oral Camera
  4. Dentist Xray Reader
  5. Vaginal camera  - Gynecology
  6. Otoscope – for ENT


  • SMS based Automatic token system
  • SMS based Appointment request
  • Drag and Drop, Easy appointment creation
  • SMS reminders about the appointment

Data Backup and Restore                              

                 Single Click backs up entire data and restores when necessary

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